The Productivity Puzzle:

What's Your Missing Piece?

The Productivity Puzzle eBook

This creative and easy to read e-book will help you gain clarity in all areas of your life. It is packed with time saving tools and resources that can be immediately put into action. The puzzle's self-assessing structure will push you to make changes through the journaling and noodling sessions at the end of each section. Whether you are an employee, manager, stay-at-home-mom, CEO, student or entrepreneur… everyone can benefit from The Productivity Puzzle!

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This e-book helps you get in deep with the four pieces of the productivity puzzle:

You will learn how to:

Here's what you get:

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Sara Caputo, MA

Sara Caputo, MA

Sara Caputo, MA is a productivity coach, consultant, and trainer based in Santa Barbara, California. Sara holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology and is the founder of Radiant Organizing, a consulting and organizing company. Her simple approach starts with helping people understand their own individual Productivity Puzzle.

The concepts within the "Productivity Puzzle" were fascinating to me. Breaking down my chaos into systems was a real eye-opener, and it helped me look at my home and calendar in a whole new way.
— Elizabeth McGregor
What is refreshing about the Productivity Puzzle is that it tailors itself to suit each person's individual lifestyle. Unlike any other time management system, it does not offer a cookie-cutter formula, but consists instead of a brilliantly fluid and adaptable program. The pieces of the Puzzle provide a clear path for aligning one's use of time and resources with the core values unique to each person. An added benefit is that the Productivity Puzzle provides layered learning, such that each Puzzle piece can be revisited regularly to enhance one's personal fulfillment and enjoyment of life.
— Marie Azzaria
Thanks to Sara's help, I've overcome the friction points in my personal productivity puzzle, and I'm showing up more effectively and more productively in every area of my personal and professional lives.
— Tammy Cravit, mediator & conflict resolution trainer and coach